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Services we provide include: Childrens entertainer Kids magician Fairy entertainer Unicorn entertainer Pirate entertainer Disco entertainer Superhero entertainer Balloon maker for parties Entertainment to go with bouncy castle


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Looking for a children’s entertainer? If you’re looking for fun, lively, professional, stress-free children’s entertainment, then you’re in the right place!

Fairy Dust Events are fun, fabulous, professional children’s entertainers who providing OUTSTANDING, FUN and ACTION PACKED children’s party entertainment for 3-11 year olds! We are proud to be one of the South East’s most loved and well established children’s entertainment party providers.

We are specialists in providing:

  • Children’s Party Entertainers – experts in bringing magical, memorable party entertainment to your child’s birthday party or special event. Entertainment that the kids will love and creating memories the grown-ups will treasure! Our professional children’s entertainers bring the party to you, to make sure your child’s party or special event will be one to remember.
  • Bouncy Castle Accompaniment Entertainment Packages – looking for additional entertainment to run alongside a bouncy castle? These packages offer the perfect entertainment ideas to run alongside a bouncy castle. 
  • Children’s Entertainment for Weddings – looking for family friendly entertainment to keep the kids and adults alike entertained on your big day?
  • Children’s Entertainment for Adult’s Birthday Parties – need something to keep the kids happy at your big birthday bash? Check out our kid’s entertainment ideas to bring some family fun to your birthday shenanigans.
  • Children’s Party Magicians – our kid’s magicians are experts at bringing a fun, interactive and memorable magic show for kids to your special birthday party or event. Our magic shows for kids are popular at birthday parties, seasonal events, Halloween and Christmas parties.
  • Walkabout Entertainers – looking for face painting hire, balloon modelling or party bubbles? Fun, quirky and unique entertainment options for all events.

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But don't just take our word for it! See what our happy party goers have to say:

Choose Your Perfect Party package:

Children's Entertainer Parties and Kid's Magician Parties

Or choose your preferred party theme here:

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Good to know about our children's parties:

  • Suitable for boys and girls.
  • Chose from a 1, 1.5 or 2 hour party package.
  • We bring everything to keep the children entertained from beginning to end.

Good to know about our children's entertainers:

  • Experienced, professional entertainers.
  • DBS checked entertainers.
  • Equity insured entertainers.

Don’t forget to check out our:

Fabulous freebies that come with our children’s entertainer and kid’s magician party packages, including free invites, free thank you cards, birthday star medal, prizes, winner certificates and winner stickers. 

Entertainers Worldwide Registered Children's / Kid's Magician

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Frozen party brighton. Frozen entertainer. Frozen entertainer Eastbourne . Frozen entertainer East Sussex . Frozen entertainer Seaford . Frozen entertainer Hailsham . Frozen kids party entertainer. Elsa enteratiner Brighton . Elsa entertainer Hove . Elsa entertainer Eastbourne . Elsa entertainer Seaford . Elsa entertainer Hailsham . Elsa entertainer east sussex

Childrens entertainer Brighton & Hove. Kids entertainer Brighton & Hove . kids magician  Brighton & Hove. childrens magic party Brighton & Hove . kids disco party Brighton & Hove. Fairy entertainer Brighton & Hove  . Pirate entertainer Brighton & Hove  . Superhero entertainer Brighton & Hove  . unicorn entertainer Brighton & Hove  . toddler party ideas Brighton & Hove

Childrens entertainer Worthing. Kids entertainer Worthing. kids magician Worthing. childrens magic party Worthing. kids disco party worthing. Fairy entertainer Worthing  . Pirate entertainer Worthing  . Superhero entertainer Worthing  . unicorn entertainer Worthing  . toddler party ideas Worthing  

Childrens entertainer Haywards Heath. Kids entertainer Haywards Heath. kids magician Haywards Heath. childrens magic party Haywards Heath. kids disco party Haywards Heath. Fairy entertainer Haywards Heath  . Pirate entertainer Haywards Heath  . Superhero entertainer Haywards Heath  . unicorn entertainer Haywards Heath  . toddler party ideas Haywards Heath  

Childrens entertainer Horsham. Kids entertainer Horsham. kids magician Horsham. childrens magic party Horsham. kids disco party Horsham . Fairy entertainer Horsham  . Pirate entertainer Horsham  . Superhero entertainer Horsham  . unicorn entertainer Horsham  . toddler party ideas Horsham  

Childrens entertainer Caterham. Kids entertainer Caterham . childrens magic party Caterham  . kids disco party Caterham . Fairy entertainer Caterham  . Pirate entertainer Caterham  . Superhero entertainer Caterham   . unicorn entertainer Caterham  . toddler party ideas Caterham

Childrens entertainer Tandridge. Kids entertainer Tandridge . childrens magic party Tandridge  . kids disco party Tandridge . Fairy entertainer Tandridge  . Pirate entertainer Tandridge  . Superhero entertainer Tandridge   . unicorn entertainer Tandridge  . toddler party ideas Tandridge

Childrens entertainer Oxted. Kids entertainer Oxted . childrens magic party Oxted  . kids disco party Oxted . Fairy entertainer Oxted  . Pirate entertainer Oxted  . Superhero entertainer Oxted   . unicorn entertainer Oxted  . toddler party ideas Oxted

Childrens entertainer Maidstone. Kids entertainer Maidstone . childrens magic party  Maidstone  . kids disco party Maidstone . Fairy entertainer Maidstone  . Pirate entertainer Maidstone  . Superhero entertainer Maidstone   . unicorn entertainer Maidstone  . toddler party ideas Maidstone

Childrens entertainer Warlingham. Kids entertainer Warlingham . childrens magic party Warlingham  . kids disco party Warlingham . Fairy entertainer Warlingham  . Pirate entertainer Warlingham  . Superhero entertainer Warlingham   . unicorn entertainer Warlingham  . toddler party ideas Warlingham

Childrens entertainer Godstone. Kids entertainer Godstone . childrens magic party Godstone  . kids disco party Godstone . Fairy entertainer Godstone  . Pirate entertainer Godstone  . Superhero entertainer Godstone   . unicorn entertainer Godstone  . toddler party ideas Godstone

Childrens entertainer Lingfield. Kids entertainer Lingfield . childrens magic party Lingfield  . kids disco party Lingfield . Fairy entertainer Lingfield  . Pirate entertainer Lingfield  . Superhero entertainer Lingfield   . unicorn entertainer Lingfield  . toddler party ideas Lingfield

Childrens entertainer Sevenoaks. Kids entertainer Sevenoaks . childrens magic party Sevenoaks  . kids disco party Sevenoaks . Fairy entertainer Sevenoaks  . Pirate entertainer Sevenoaks  . Superhero entertainer Sevenoaks   . unicorn entertainer Sevenoaks  . toddler party ideas Sevenoaks

Childrens entertainer Otford-Kemsing. Kids entertainer Otford-Kemsing . childrens magic party Otford-Kemsing  . kids disco party Otford-Kemsing . Fairy entertainer Otford-Kemsing  . Pirate entertainer Otford-Kemsing  . Superhero entertainer Otford-Kemsing   . unicorn entertainer Otford-Kemsing  . toddler party ideas Otford-Kemsing

Childrens entertainer Shoreham. Kids entertainer Shoreham . childrens magic party Shoreham . kids disco party Shoreham . Fairy entertainer Shoreham  . Pirate entertainer Shoreham  . Superhero entertainer Shoreham   . unicorn entertainer Shoreham . toddler party ideas Shoreham

Childrens entertainer Borough Green . Kids entertainer Borough Green  . childrens magic party Borough Green  . kids disco party Borough Green  . Fairy entertainer Borough Green  . Pirate entertainer Borough Green   . Superhero entertainer Borough Green   . unicorn entertainer Borough Green  . toddler party ideas Borough Green

Childrens entertainer Westerham . Kids entertainer Westerham  . childrens magic party Westerham  . kids disco party Westerham  . Fairy entertainer Westerham  . Pirate entertainer Westerham   . Superhero entertainer Westerham   . unicorn entertainer Westerham  . toddler party ideas Westerham

Childrens entertainer Purley, Croydon, London . Kids entertainer Purley  . childrens magic party Purley  . kids disco party Purley  . Fairy entertainer Purley  . Pirate entertainer Purley  . Superhero entertainer Purley . unicorn entertainer Purley . toddler party ideas Purley

Childrens entertainer Epsom . Kids entertainer Epsom  . childrens magic party Epsom . kids disco party Epsom  . Fairy entertainer Epsom  . Pirate entertainer Epsom   . Superhero entertainer Epsom  . unicorn entertainer Epsom  . toddler party ideas Epsom

Childrens entertainer Leatherhead . Kids entertainer Leatherhead  . childrens magic party Leatherhead  . kids disco party Leatherhead  . Fairy entertainer Leatherhead  . Pirate entertainer Leatherhead   . Superhero entertainer Leatherhead  . unicorn entertainer Leatherhead  . toddler party ideas Leatherhead

Childrens entertainer Ewell . Kids entertainer Ewell  . childrens magic party Ewell  . kids disco party Ewell  . Fairy entertainer Ewell  . Pirate entertainer Ewell   . Superhero entertainer Ewell  . unicorn entertainer Ewell  . toddler party ideas Ewell

Childrens entertainer Ewell . Kids entertainer Ewell  . childrens magic party Ewell  . kids disco party Ewell  . Fairy entertainer Ewell  . Pirate entertainer Ewell   . Superhero entertainer Ewell  . unicorn entertainer Ewell  . toddler party ideas Ewell

Childrens entertainer Esher . Kids entertainer Esher  . childrens magic party Esher  . kids disco party Esher  . Fairy entertainer Esher  . Pirate entertainer Esher   . Superhero entertainer Esher  . unicorn entertainer Esher  . toddler party ideas Esher

Childrens entertainer Egham . Kids entertainer Egham  . childrens magic party Egham  . kids disco party Egham  . Fairy entertainer Egham  . Pirate entertainer Egham   . Superhero entertainer Egham  . unicorn entertainer Egham  . toddler party ideas Egham

Childrens entertainer Cobham . Kids entertainer Cobham  . childrens magic party Cobham  . kids disco party Cobham  . Fairy entertainer Cobham  . Pirate entertainer Cobham   . Superhero entertainer Cobham  . unicorn entertainer Cobham  . toddler party ideas Cobham

Childrens entertainer Walton-on-Thames . Kids entertainer Walton-on-Thames  . childrens magic party Walton-on-Thames  . kids disco party Walton-on-Thames  . Fairy entertainer Walton-on-Thames  . Pirate entertainer Walton-on-Thames   . Superhero entertainer Walton-on-Thames  . unicorn entertainer Walton-on-Thames  . toddler party ideas Walton-on-Thames

Childrens entertainer Hassocks. Kids entertainer Hassocks . childrens magic party Hassocks  . kids disco party Hassocks . Fairy entertainer Hassocks  . Pirate entertainer Hassocks  . Superhero entertainer Hassocks   . unicorn entertainer Hassocks  . toddler party ideas Hassocks

Childrens entertainer Hastings. Kids entertainer Hastings. kids magician Hastings. childrens magic party Hastings. kids disco party Hastings.  Fairy entertainer Hastings  . Pirate entertainer Hastings  . Superhero entertainer Hastings  . unicorn entertainer Hastings  . toddler party ideas Hastings  

Childrens entertainer Eastbourne. Kids entertainer Eastbourne. kids magician Eastbourne. childrens magic party Eastbourne. kids disco party Eastbourne.  Fairy entertainer Eastbourne  . Pirate entertainer Eastbourne  . Superhero entertainer Eastbourne  . unicorn entertainer Eastbourne  . toddler party ideas Eastbourne  

Childrens entertainer Uckfield. Kids entertainer Uckfield. kids magician Uckfield. childrens magic party Uckfield. kids disco party Uckfield . Fairy entertainer Uckfield  . Pirate entertainer Uckfield  . Superhero entertainer Uckfield  . unicorn entertainer Uckfield  . toddler party ideas Uckfield  

Childrens entertainer Burgess Hill. Kids entertainer Burgess Hill. kids magician Burgess Hill. childrens magic party Burgess Hill. kids disco party Burgess Hill

Childrens entertainer Crawley. Kids entertainer Crawley. kids magician Crawley. childrens magic party Crawleykids disco party Crawley . Fairy entertainer Crawley . Pirate entertainer Crawley  . Superhero entertainer Crawley  . unicorn entertainer Crawley . toddler party ideas Crawley

Childrens entertainer Godalmingchildrens entertainer Godalming. kids magician Godalming. kids magician Godalming. childrens magic party Godalming. childrens magic party Godalming. Princess party entertainer Godalming

Childrens entertainer Farnboroughchildrens entertainer Farnborough. kids magician Farnborough. kids magician Farnborough. childrens magic party Farnborough. childrens magic party Farnborough. Princess party entertainer Farnborough

Childrens entertainer Basingstokechildrens entertainer Basingstoke . kids magician Basingstoke. kids magician Basingstoke. childrens magic party Basingstoke. childrens magic party Basingstoke. Princess party entertainer Basingstoke

childrens entertainer newhaven. kids magician newhaven. kids magician newhaven. childrens magic party newhaven. childrens magic party newhaven.

childrens entertainer Seaford. kids magician Seaford. kids magician Seaford. childrens magic party Seaford. childrens magic party Seaford.

childrens entertainer Peacehaven. kids magician Peacehaven. kids magician Peacehaven. childrens magic party Peacehaven. childrens magic party Peacehaven.

Childrens entertainer Hailsham. Kids entertainer Hailsham. kids magician Hailsham. childrens magic party Hailsham. kids disco party Hailsham. Fairy entertainer Hailsham . Pirate entertainer Hailsham . Elsa entertainer Hailsham . Superhero entertainer Hailsham.

Facepainter in Brighton. Facepainter in Hove. Facepainting in Brighton and Hove. Face painter for hire Brighton

Facepainter in Chichester. Facepainter in Chichester. Facepainting in Chichester. Face painter for hire Chichester.

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Facepainter in Littlehampton. Facepainter in Littlehampton. Facepainting in Littlehampton. Face painter for hire Littlehampton.

Fairy Dust Events ARE CHILDREN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY ENTERTAINERS BASED IN SUSSEX. OUR KIDS ENTERTAINERS, kids magician, bubbleologists, balloon modellers and facepainters TRAVEL ALL over. Areas we cover include: Brighton, magic shows Brighton, children’s entertainer West Sussex, children’s entertainer, childrens entertainer West Sussex, children’s entertainer East Sussex. children’s parties Fareham, children’s parties Gosport, children’s parties Southampton, children’s parties, children’s parties Hampshire,children’s parties west sussex, Childrens entertainer, Fairy Dust Events, birthday, kids, children, children’s, entertainers, party, magician, disco, fairy, pirate, superhero, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent. Childrens magic show, Addlestone, Ashtead, Bletchingley, Camberley, Capel, Caterham, Valley Chertsey, Cobham, Coulsdon, Dorking, East Horsley, East Molesey, Egham, Englefield, Green Epsom, Esher Farnham, Frimley, Frimley Green, Godalming, Great Bookham, Guildford, Haslemere, Horley, Lightwater, Lingfield, Morden, Oxted, Purley, Redhill, Reigate, Selsdon, Smallfield, Staines, Stoneleigh, Surbiton, Sutton, Tatsfield, Wallington, West Byfleet, Weybridge, Windlesham, Woking, Worcester Park, Battle, Bexhill on Sea, Brighton, Crowborough, Eastbourne, Fletching, Hailsham, Hastings, Hove, Hurst Green, Lewes, Newhaven, Ninfield, Peacehaven, Plumpton Green, Rye, Seaford, Sedlescombe, Wadhurst, Amberley, Arundel, Barnham, Bognor Regis, Burgess Hill, Chichester, Crawley, East Grinstead, Gatwick, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Lancing, Lindfield, Littlehampton, Midhurst, Petworth, Selsey, Shoreham by Sea, Southbourne, West Wittering, Westbourne, Woodmancote, Worthing, Yapton, Aldershot, Alresford, Alton, Andover, Appleshaw, Basingstoke, Bentworth, Binsted, Bishops Waltham, Blackwater, Bordon, Brockenhurst, Clanfield Cove, Cowplain, Curdridge, Eastleigh, Emsworth, Fareham, Farnborough, Fleet, Fordingbridge, Frogmore, Gosport, Havant, Hayling Island, Hedge End, Hiltingbury, Horndean, Hythe, Lasham, Liphook, Liss, Locks Heath, Lovedean, Lymington, New Alresford, New Milton, North Baddesley, Petersfield, Portchester, Portsmouth, Purbrook, Ringwood, Romsey, Rowner, Southampton, Southsea, Stockbridge, Stubbington, Swanmore, Titchfield, Totton, Waterlooville, Whitchurch, Whiteley, Winchester, Yateley

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