January 2013

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As a thank you to all our loyal party goers we have some fantastic special offers for you and any friends that you refer to fairyparty.co.uk. But hurry all offers listed here are only valid for bookings and deposits received between now and February 14th 2013

Please quote discount reference when booking your party to receive your discount.

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Book quickly to ensure you get the date you want!

Holbrook Facepainting Challenge......
Introducing facepainter and children's entertainer Toxi up at Holbrook she soon became firm friend with the regulars, little did they know we'd be looking for volunteers later on......

Not very 'orrid 'arry must've just arrived straight out of bed as he was dressed in his onsie, claiming to be an elephant but we knew he was just early for Easter and preparing himself to be the Easter bunny. Rocking the decks with DJ Evil Eddie we had to impress them as well as Nasty Nigel - tough one! Luckily we had our Toxi as our secret weapon and the half time challenge of facepainting three adults in 3 minutes managed to win us those all important points.

Looking forward to February!

Emma causes a storm in Hove!
It's always a brave mum that holds her party at home, but then with such a lovely home as this it's not surprising as the back room made an amazing dance floor! And party dance instructor Lily wanted to stipulate that none of the mess left over was from her....definitely all the kids......

Bouncy Emma welcomed Lily, who couldn't help exclaiming how magical the door looks with stars in the windows! Setting out all the facepaints and makeover items everyone got stuck in creating their own designs. It seems the latest makeup fashion is to have a ringmaster moustache and pointy beard...... they were definitely colourful!

After Emma had been swung high in the air with the parachute we got down to the important business of dancing. Strangely enough Gangnam Style was requested more than once and everyone seemed to know the routine, which must have got the neighbours wondering if there was an earthquake going on.

Showtime was amazing with everyone joining in and the judges luckily being much nicer than on XFactor.... Rocking their routines to Olly Murs 'TroubleMaker' got everyone in the party mood and more prizes than ever where given out.

Thanks so much for requesting Lily to entertain at your disco party, she had an amazing time!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Benjamin's Awesome Adventure Party
Ben's dad was apparently rather alarmed when Ben requested Fairy Lily to entertain at his birthday party, but he soon realised we're not just for girls....

Once Ben had tried out the grip in his shoes and the 'skidability' of his trousers Pirate Ben was ready to welcome his guests, and he must've been practicing those dance moves as won prize after prize for those breakdancing moves!

From magic to games to dancing the prizes just kept coming, and Ben was truly the star of the party bouncing around with endless energy I'm suprised everyone else could keep up!

Thanks so much for inviting us to entertain at your party, we had an amazing time.

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Lucky winner of a Fairytale Party Entertainment!
Safiya was the lucky recipient of one of our fairytale parties after her mum luckily won a vocher at her school Christmas fete, and boy did she have fun!

Dressed in her beautiful pink fairy gown Safiya was the true princess of the ball and Fairy Toxi had a lovely time entertaining, making balloon animals, and dancing to everyones favourite song - Gangnam Style (check out our Facebook page for a really amazing video to this one: Facebook Page)

Best costumes of the day (after the birthday girl of course....) had to go to Safiya's best friends as Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse, not to mention the gorgeous princess castle cake that looked way too good to actually eat.

Thanks so much for inviting us to host your party entertainment, we had an amazing time!

Much Love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Our favourite Adams Family party
This time our children's entertainer Toxi won the opportunity to host Jasmine's 6th birthday party, we love this family!

With a Hello Kitty cake and picnic on the floor it felt just like summer time at this disco party, favourite costume would have to be the cat onsie (very jealous!) and favourite dance......well it had to be Gangnam Style.....

Everyone created their own routines and put on an amazing show, and what with the princess castle pinata Toxi didn't want to leave at the end and danced so much she could barely walk the next day! Thanks for having us come along and entertain at your party again this year, fantastic as always and see you next year!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Verity turns 5 in true fairytale style
After Verity's big sister had us for her party last year Verity knew exactly what she wanted too..... so children's entertainers Fairy Lily and Fairy Bee were so excited to find themselves back in Brighton to celebrate this big event in style!

Using the big, back room at the Hanover Centre, Brighton was great as guests took full advantage of the secret side door entrance, as well as the front door buzzer entry. Fairies and Pirates were coming at us from all angles, I'm sure some were even flying down from the rafters!

The glitter came out and everyone was sparkling before the party even began, and being the first party of the year we made sure everyone was bouncing those Christmas sweeties off....as well as winning a few more......

Fairy Bee and Fairy Lily were bragging to everyone about the jam packed party bags Verity gave them so big thanks for those!

Thanks so much for inviting us to entertain at your birthday party. We had a brilliant time and hope to see you again in the summer!
Much love
x x x