February 2013

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Mark Cheal starts Evolved Fitness
To all those fairies out there that need to get fit we recommend Evolved Fitness with Mark Cheal (Head Trainer) as they are amazeballs!

Check him and his team out here!

We're searching for new fairy entertainers!
We have our own style parties and many fairytale characters that we need young energetic people to bring to life. You will be fully trained in our style of parties and work on a contract basis (if you are able to pass your training and qualify for your 'fairy wings'!) As long as you are dedicated, very reliable, willing to work most weekends, over 18 with own transportation please email us with your current CV and photo for an audition. We're looking for both fairies and wizards to join us.

We can help you apply for your CRB if you currently don't have one, confidence is a must and you will be fully trained in magic, balloon modelling, dance routines, face painting and so much more!

February entertainment at the Holbrook Club
Our children's entertainers Toxi and a slightly round Lily rocked the Holbrook with another classic night of entertainment and dancing. Poor pregnant Lily managed to still lead the dance section - she can be so stubborn not letting go of that microphone, and Toxi kept a close eye out for the best dancers in the large crowd.

Evil Eddie, Nasty Nigel and not quite so Horrible Harry didn't stand a chance at stopping them win the star prizes, especially when joke time came along. The kids had us in stitches with their amazing one liners and we stormed through to win the sweets.

Looking forward to our Easter Eggstravaganza next month - will Lily still be able to dance.....will Toxi ever get a hold of that microphone....will Harry ever be Horrible........stay tuned!

Lily and Toxi
x x x x

School Disco DJ and Dancing!
We were lucky enough to be asked back to entertain at the school disco in Hangleton and Lily, Toxi and DJ Carl had great fun!

Starting with some song requests it's a shame we weren't paid a penny for everytime Gangnam Style was requested..... Moving on to the fun and games Toxi was up front leading the routines and giving out those prizes whilst Lily was on the mic, we did warn them not to let her near it - does that girl ever shut up?!

An amazing evening was had by all and the dancing just keeps getting better and better each time we come - looking forward to the next one. School discos in Hangleton are so much fun to entertain!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Sleeping Beauty and Belle party on!
The very lucky Mili celebrated her 7th birthday in style as children's entertainers Fairy Bee, Sleeping Beauty and Princess Belle all came to say hi! Even Princess Lily stopped by for some dancing fun in Hove!

Princess Belle has lots of fun facepainting whilst Mili and her friends tried on some of the dressing up. Then after lots of magic, dancing and fun everyone posed for a photo that they all got to take home at the end as an amazing reminder of Mili's special day.

Thanks so much for inviting us all to entertain at your party, we had so much fun!

Much Love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Fairy Lily hosts her last party......for a while.....
Children's entertainer Fairy Lily was chuffed to bits to be invited to Faye's 5th birthday party in Brighton, as it was to be her last party hosting until after she's had a mini fairy of her own (she doesn't fit in the dress anymore!) and so she made sure to go out with a bang!

Faye and all her guests got mini facepaints as they arrived and even more whilst they had their party tea. Jam packed with parachute games, dancing games, pass the parcel and oh, so many prizes Fairy Lily loved every second of it.

Thanks so much for inviting us to entertain at your party, we had an amazing time!
Much Love
Fairy Dust Events

x x x

Elsie Lara's Golden Fairytale Party
Gold Fairytale party with children's entertainers Fairy Bee and Fairy Toxi in Dyke Road, Brighton.

Elsie Lara's 4th birthday party was a face painting, dressing up extravaganza! Our beautiful birthday girl had invited ALL of her friends to share the fun and once their make-overs and fairytale outfits were complete we had a special photo shoot with a great picture for Elsie Lara and all of her friends to take home to remember how much fun they had.

And then there was the cake. And what a cake! We've never seen such a huge pink fairy castle cake. We almost wished we were slightly smaller fairy's so we could live inside it...

Thanks for inviting us to entertain at your birthday party, we had a great time!

Love Fairy Bee and Fairy Toxi
x x x

Circus Party with Tightrope Walking Fun!
Our Circus instructor stars Toxi and Katie had an amazing time at Louise and Melissa's joint party at the Burgess Hill School for Girls in, you guessed it, Burgess Hill. Everyone having a go at hooping, juggling, diabolo, pedal racing, poi spinning and even balancing across the tightrope so it's no wonder they were able to put on such an fantastic performance at the end.

Thanks so much for letting us entertain at your special day - we wish you could all run away with our circus!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events and Circus Brighton
x x x

Craft party with Princess Bee in Bosham, Chichester
Freja's mum had done a magnificent job transforming their living room into a princess wonderland. The perfect space for Freja and her special princess friends to celebrate her 4th birthday and children's entertainer Princess Bee loved every minute.

After the birthday girl helped Princess Bee to remember how to do her magic all of the little princesses set to work at making their very own special magic wand. They glued and glittered and bejewelled until you could feel the magic in the air and once everyone was finished we tested out our wands with anther magic trick.

We even had time for dancing and balloon animals before Princess Bee had to get back to her castle and we finished with three really loud cheers for the birthday girl - hip hip horay!

Thanks for inviting Princess Bee to entertain at your special 4th birthday party, Freja. It was magic! x x x

Jasmine and Mia's Princess Party in Hove, East Sussex
Children's entertainer Princess Toxi couldn't wait to get to Jasmine and Mia's birthday party in Hove, Jasmine wore the most beautiful blue princess dress and little Mia was al ready for her guests dressed as Snow White.

The party hall had been filled with millions of huge pink balloons, it was like a proper fairytale setting! Princess Toxi got everyone to help with some special magic before playing boucy parachute games. Then it was on to the important job of dancing and awarding everyone prizes.

The fairytale party banquet was set for royalty on a pink cover with sparkling pink gems and glitter everywhere! Mum brought out the largest chocolate cake in the world and the sparklers lit up the room as everyone sang 'happy birthday' to the special two.

Princess Toxi just managed to escape from being chased by 2 Batman's, Spiderman and Ironman with their balloon lightsabers - an amazing party thanks so much for inviting us to entertain!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Charlotte's Fairy Tale Birthday Bash in Bexhill
After the best 4th birthday party ever Charlotte invited children's entertainer Fairy Bee back for her super special 5th party!

As well as being a beautiful fairy princess on her big day, our birthday girl Charlotte is lucky enough to have an amazing Nan who actually made a beautiful fairy princess cake that looked just like Charlotte.

We wish we had a nan like Charlotte's as she is quite definitely the best Nan a fairy could have! Plus we could eat fairy princess birthday cake every day if we did. But sadly we don't, which is quite lucky I suppose as a fairy that's too full of cake may not be able to fly anymore! Fairy Bee did however get to take one piece of birthday cake home with her and she was still light enough to use her wings to fly all the way home.

What a party. And a fairy full of cake but still able to use her wings is always a happy fairy!

Thanks for inviting us to entertain at your party, we had an amazing time!
Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x